RCF Multiventure

Razvi Consumer Foods, one of the largest FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) Suppliers in Jammu and Kashmir, serves almost every District of the Region. A network spread across the state, RCF Caters large and small scale enterprise, counting in thousands. Serving the valley since 1983, RCF expertise FMCG and Cattle feed both in retail as well as wholesale markets.

RCF houses more than 10,000 Stock units which include products originating from Rajasthan, Gujrat, Delhi, Punjab, Maharashtra, Karnataka, West Bengal and other parts of the country.

RCF also houses overseas products which mainly include coffee, Jams, Vinegar, candies, confectionary and Personal Care from countries like Switzerland, United Kingdom, Brazil, Turkey, USA, China etc. RCF modes both Wholesale as well as Retail business, one can step in for bulk as well as individual shopping.